Antimicrobial Technology for Medical and Food Packaging Applications

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 September 26, 2022


Clean Surface Technology (CST) was formed to maximize the use of a new material that has potent antimicrobial capabilities and that can be applied to many surfaces. This plastic material can be manufactured in various thicknesses, with and without adhesives, giving it the ability to adhere to surfaces. The material is imbedded with an antimicrobial agent that continues to kill bacteria for a significant period of time. The bacterial killing, combined with the many forms of the material and its durability, gives us endless product opportunities.

 CST has secured exclusive rights to this unique technology from Silver Defender (SD) for use in medicine and medical facilities, food packaging, and food processing. CST is working with SD to focus on the most viable applications for the use of the technology.

The food and medical industries are extremely susceptible to bacteria, spending millions of dollars to contain bacteria in an effort to prevent infections in humans and contaminations in food. There is a heightened awareness of bacteria and viruses today.  Institutions are looking for ways to keep surfaces clean for an extended period of time.

The standard SD product is being applied by SD to door handles, elevator buttons, desks, screens, etc. CST will not be looking to secure that part of the business, but is looking at initial opportunities such as bed covers, privacy curtains and other opportunities that are recognized as significant sources of hospital acquired infections. Once clinical acceptance is achieved CST plans to expand its marketing focus on a greater level to areas in the hospital where procedures are conducted and address the significant concerns that lead to bacterial infections. Additional healthcare market will extend to ambulatory surgery centers, urgent care clinics and nursing homes.

Food packaging is another focus for CST. Recalls and short shelf life costs the food industry millions of dollars every year. CST is working with SD to develop materials for food packaging and processing. These are very large business with the chicken business being over $50 billion per year on its own. Frozen food and other meat processing is even larger.

SD has been successful in selling products to the general public but has partnered with CST to address other more complicated business segments. CST is having the products tested against over 15 different bacterial strains so we will be able to assure consumers of its efficacy and safety. CST will file with the FDA for 510K’s where needed in the medical space and for Food Contact Notifications in the packaging business. CST has secured experts for all phases of the regulatory process.