Mac Blade

Product Details

– The Green Standard Laryngoscope is a two-part, handheld device consisting of a handle that contains batteries and a blade.

– Stainless Steel Blade

– Wide range of products including three handle sizes, mac and miller blades

– Single-use

– All handles come with batteries included

– Packaging format facilitates efficient and clean disposal after use

*Additionally, Trinity Medical Devices has the ability to create other handle kit variations at your request.

Please contact your sales representative or customer service for a quotation and/or sample.

SizeREFDescriptionQuantity Per Case
0TGS21010 Single Use Green Standard Mac Blade 0 10 
1TGS21011 Single Use Green Standard Mac 1 Laryngoscope Blade 10 
2TGS21012 Single Use Green Standard Mac 2 Laryngoscope Blade 10 
3TGS21013 Single Use Green Standard Mac 3 Laryngoscope Blade 10 
4TGS21014 Single Use Green Standard Mac 4 Laryngoscope Blade 10 
3TGS21013HK Green Standard Mac Blade 3 Handle Kit 10